Fascia and Soffit Repairs and GRP Flat Roofs in Sheffield | Maintaining Your Roof After a Storm

Adverse weather can wreak havoc on roofs, fascias and soffits, leaving your home vulnerable to the elements. As such, it is important to inspect your roof after a storm, strong winds or other bad weather. So you’re prepared, Pye Roofing Specialists Ltd has produced this guide to looking after your roof following a storm. This should help you address any gutter, fascia and soffit repairs as quickly as possible, keeping your property safe from further damage.

As roofing contractors with more than 30 years’ combined experience, our team provides expert advice and services for GRP flat roofs and pitched roofs in Sheffield and the South Yorkshire area. Whether you need a small repair or full reroofing, we deliver high-quality roof maintenance solutions.

When it comes to potential storm damage, there are some things to remember to keep yourself safe:

  • Wait for the storm to end before inspecting your roof

  • We advise you to only carry out visual inspections from the ground

Inspect Your Roof

When it is safe, go outside and have a good look at your roof, walking around the whole property. For GRP flat roofs, try and inspect the roof from a window. We also recommend going into the attic to inspect the roof from the inside. You are looking for any signs of damage which may need roof maintenance.

If you see anything amiss or have any concerns, contact a reputable roofing contractor like Pye Roofing Specialists Ltd in Sheffield. We can carry out a survey and advise on repairs or reroofing.

The following are some types of damage caused by heavy winds, rain, hail and debris:

  • Loose, slipped, missing or cracked tiles/slates

  • Punctures

  • Leaks and water in the attic

  • Hanging or misshaped gutters, fascias and soffits

  • Missing, loose or damaged lead flashing

  • Unstable chimney stacks

  • Missing chimney caps/crowns

If you plan to make an insurance claim, you should document any damage by taking photos. It can also be beneficial to keep a record of weather conditions, such as weather reports from the date of the storm.

Call the Experts

If you notice any damage to your roof after a storm, don’t wait to call a roofing contractor. The longer you leave it, the worse the problem will become.

Homeowners in Sheffield and South Yorkshire can rely on Pye Roofing Specialists Ltd for all kinds of roof maintenance for slate, tile and GRP flat roofs. This includes tile matching, chimney repairs, leadwork and gutter, fascia and soffit repairs. If your roof has suffered extensive damage which is not possible or economical to repair, we also offer a complete reroofing service.

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