GRP Flat Roofs in Rotherham and Barnsley | Why Are They So Popular?

Flat roofs have become a popular feature of modern homes in Rotherham and Barnsley. These roofing systems are available in a variety of materials, offer a great deal of durability and are a cost-effective option. At Pye Roofing Specialists Ltd, we believe there are a number of reasons why our flat roofing services are favoured by domestic and commercial clients alike.

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Keep reading if you would like to understand why GRP flat roofs are on the rise. Reasons include:

  • Costs

  • Uses

  • Versatility

  • Ease of Access

  • Time


One of the most sought-after advantages of flat roofs is their cost-effective nature. The installation and maintenance process carries less risk than working on pitched roofs, which reduces labour costs. And material costs are low too, which makes these roofs relatively affordable. They also provide you with an ideal space to install enhancements like solar panels that will reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint.


Another advantage of flat roof installations is that the space can be used for a range of purposes. You can store air conditioning units on the roof instead of in the building. This will save you space at ground level so that you can store and easily access more frequently used items and the building will still reap the benefits of the cooling system.

Alternatively, GRP flat roofs in Rotherham and Barnsley can be designed as a roof terrace that provides your household or workforce with an outdoor area to relax, socialise or dine.

The possibilities are endless with a flat roof installation.


If you plan to utilise every inch of space in your property, then a flat roof is ideal. These structures make the interior far more versatile than pitched coverings do. Top floor units in apartment blocks and liveable attic spaces in private homes are easy to create with the straight vertical walls that are produced by these modern roofing systems.

Ease of Access

As a roofing contractor, Pye Roofing Specialists Ltd often experiences the accessibility benefits of flat roofs. They are easier to climb up and inspect, which not only makes our job easier, but also encourages homeowners to check their roofs more often so any issues are dealt with much earlier on.

Safety should always be considered when climbing or working at height, but these structures provide significantly more stability than pitched ones, especially on smaller buildings like house extensions.


Whether you’re waiting for an installation to be complete before you can settle into your new home, or should the roof need checks, repairs or maintenance, it will be a quick and easy process thanks to ease of access, the straightforward nature of installing flat roofing materials and the option to carry out patch repairs.

Pye Roofing Specialist Ltd recommends GRP flat roofs to our clients in Rotherham and Barnsley for a range of reasons, including cost, potential uses, versatility, ease of access and time.

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